Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions
Please note that by voluntarily accessing our website, you automatically agree and accept these terms and conditions. USA Medical Supplies (UMS) retains the right of performing any changes or modifications as deemed necessary without any prior communicated notification. We take serious efforts to ensure proper pricing is reflected on our site and to insure that no price-gouging is taking place on any of our displayed products. However, we do reserve our right to alter pricing as deemed reasonable in reflection of all manufacturers’/suppliers’ increase.

All contents within this website are strictly owned by UMS and are solely for the patrons’ direct use, and a website user shall not resell or copy-infringe without prior written consent of UMS. As such, improper use of our UMS website may lead to proper legal action against perpetrators in accordance with applicable US laws. Hence, with the acceptance of our terms, you, the user, agree to all modifications made thereafter.

Price Policy
We strive to maintain our pricing as displayed for the specified period. However, we reserve the right to adjust pricing to reflect changes in manufacturers’ pricing or in response extraordinary circumstances. As such, prices maybe subject to change without notice.

Delivery Policy
Delivery dates are not guaranteed as they are subject to freight/carrier uncertain accessibility due to the current global pandemic. We only guarantee initiating shipping of ordered landed products. Purchase orders are subject to product availability and fluctuating lead times. Customers agree that only recourse for failure to deliver should be for UMS to fully refund money paid for ordered products. Pricing terms are FOB and freight rates are agreed upon with customers at time of purchase. title passes at the time the shipment is loaded at the shipper’s dock. Further, all orders will be subject to a handling charge which includes freight but excludes any extra carrier charges for special deliveries.

Limitation of Liability
UMS customers agree to indemnification of UMS and to look directly to the manufacturer of the product for any claim arising due to loss, injury, damage or death related to the use or sale of products. Therefore, UMS, shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, intentional, accidental punitive or direct damage from sold products.

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